What is Skate Series?

After launching in 2020, Skate Series took online skateboarding competitions to the next level, offering cash in both Men’s and Women’s divisions and across Street and Park disciplines.

This year we are changing it up and opening the competition to everyone!
Now you can see where you rank in your age group, your local area and against other skateboarders across the UK.

How it Works

1. Sign up here
2. Create your personal profile
3. Upload your video
4. Get scored by our official judges
5. See where you rank against other riders

The Format

Video Entry: To enter Skate Series you need to film a 45 second run for each round and submit it to our judges for scoring.
Find out more about how to film and upload your run

5 Rounds: The whole series is made up of 5 rounds. You’ll get a chance to improve your score each round and continue to build points. Winners will be announced at the end of each round and overall champions at the end of the series.

Park or Street?: You can enter either the Park or Street (or enter both if you like!). Park is any transition skateboarding at a skate park or on a mini-ramp etc. Street can be on the actual street or in the street section of a skate park.
See our entry rules for more details

Are you in the Elite?

For most of us entering skate series would be awesome enough, but for those of you who take things more seriously, are already sponsored or just want to go up against the UKs Top Riders, we’re offering a new division this year called Skate Series Elite.

This is how it breaks down:
Skate Series – Open to all skaters, any age. If you don’t receive paid sponsorship and you don’t get paid to skateboard, this is for you. Rankings are split into Men’s/Women’s, Park/Street and age categories; Under 11, 11-16 and Adult (17 and over). You’ll be competing for prizes from our sponsors and a chance of promotion to the Elite division next year.
Skate Series Elite – If you receive any form of income from skateboarding or you are sponsored, or ride for a brand team etc, you need to enter the Elite division (we will be checking!). You’ll be competing for cash prizes in each round and for overall series winners. You can enter independently or your team manager/sponsor can enter for you.

Check out our full list of rules and entry requirements here