Krux Grind Challenge

05 Jan - 25 Jan 2022

How to Enter

Curbs, rails, ledges, a tree trunk or your dad’s favourite bench (sorry dad), if you can grind it we wanna see it! This is the Krux Grind Challenge and we’ve got some prizes to give away!

Find something to grind, film yourself grinding it then register below and upload your vid (it’s FREE to enter). We will pick 6 of our favourites and each winner will get some product courtesy of our sponsors Krux Trucks

We don’t care what you grind (keep it legal kids), and you won’t be getting a ‘score’ but we do have some lose criteria for choosing the winners:
This is about you against yourself, we’ll be choosing our favourites based on those riders we think have pushed themselves, been creative, done something a bit different and are expressing the true spirit of skateboarding, FUN!

But before you hit record on your camera, check out our helpful guide to filming and uploading your video

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