Entry Rules and Requirements

Filming Your Run

You have up to 45 seconds to fill with a continuous line filmed in one go with NO EDITING. The time starts from your first trick, any tricks after the 45 second cut off point will not be scored.

You can film your run as many times as you like to get it right, but you can only submit one video per round.

You should be clearly visible at all times during the video, any tricks that can’t be seen in full by our judges will not be scored. The judges reserve the right to reject any videos they don’t deem to be suitable quality or where the rider/tricks cannot be easily viewed.

Videos can be shot on any camera or mobile phone but should be good quality and meet the below requirements:
– Minimum resolution is 1280 x720 pixels (1920 x 1080 preferred)
– Filmed in Landscape orientation
– Minimum 25 frames per second
– Maximum filesize 99mb

By submitting your video to us you confirm you are the copyright owner and you grant rights to us for ownership, reproduction and public broadcast. If filming in a public location you must have the authority of anybody featured in the video other than yourself. Your video must be produced solely for the use of the Skate Series and not submitted to any other competition, project or social media promotion.

Uploading Your Video

You must sign in before you can upload a video.
To upload your video, go to your profile page and click on “UPLOAD VIDEO”.
You can also click on “UPLOAD VIDEO” in the menu at the bottom of each page (example below).

You can only upload a video when each round is open. Check the dates of each round here

Park or Street

There are two categories, Park and Street. You may enter either Park or Street category, or both (you will be charged for each category you enter when you sign up).

Park – Defined as anything that’s transition, but not Vert Ramps. So for example you can film a run through a bowl, a mini ramp or a snake run, as long as it is predominately transition riding. Tricks using the street section of a skatepark (e.g. handrails) will not be scored.

Street – This could be any spot in a public location or the section of a skate park, using the stairs, ledges, rails etc that mimic street furniture. If you are skating a public area, you must have permission to skate there, and film at that location. We will not condone any trespassing or illegal activity to obtain your skate run.


The whole series is made up of 5 rounds. You will get a chance to improve your score each round and continue to build points. Each round will require you to submit a new, different video run.

Entry to each round will be date specific. Each round will have a start date and and end date which will be publicised on our website. You video must be submitted between the start and end date.

Age Categories

There are three age categories: 10 and under, 11 – 16 and 17 and over. Your age category will be calculated automatically from the date of birth you submit when signing up. The age category you fall into will be calculated using your age at the start date of the first round.

Points and Ranking

Your points throughout each of the rounds will be added up to give your ranking position, but separately for each discipline. If you are stronger in one then stick to entering only one discipline. Only your top 4 scores will be used for your overall series points, your lowest score (including a score of zero if you miss a round) will be dropped. So if you are injured or can’t submit a video for one round then no worries.

You will be able to see your ranking based on your age, park/street, men’s/women’s and your local region as well as where you sit in the overall UK wide rankings.


Your run will be scored at the end of each round by our panel of experienced judges. The judges decision is final.


There are winners prizes for each division (Park/Street), age category and Men’s/Women’s categories. The prizes are supplied by our third party sponsors. The Skate Series Elite competition winners will receive cash prizes for each round and overall series winners. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the prizes offered at any time.

Who can enter

Skate Series is open to all UK skateboarders of any age and gender. Whilst competing on the Skate Series you must not be receiving payments for skateboarding or paid sponsorship. If you receive a bit of free product or discount from brands or shops, you can still enter this division but you must tick the box “I am an Influencer” when you sign up. The top ranking riders from the Skate Series will be promoted to Skate Series Elite the following year.

Skate Series Elite is for any skateboarder who already competes at a higher level or who is sponsored, a team rider or paid to skateboard. Being in the Skate Series Elite puts you amongst the best skateboarders in the UK and you will be rewarded with maximum exposure and the chance to win cash prizes.