What exactly is Skate Series?

Skate Series is an online skateboarding competition where you film a 45 second run and submit it to our official judges for scoring.
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Who can enter Skate Series?

Anyone can enter Skate Series. There is no age limit and no ability requirement. So if you want to see if you’re the best at your local park, the best in your age group or you want to be ranked against the whole of the UK, sign up and see how you get on.

How do I enter?

1. Sign up here
2. Film a 45 second run of you skateboarding
3. Upload your video to your profile
4. Get your run scored by our official judges
5. See where you rank against other riders

Why do you charge an entry fee?

Unlike other online skate comps, we have actual judges (yes, real people) who watch every single video and score the runs just like a real skate comp. We think it’s unfair to expect these professionals to do it for free, so some of your entry goes to paying them for their time. We also have other costs like administration, technical support for the website and promoting the competition and it’s riders. We think the result is a more professionally run competition where you get much more out of it. You can enjoy watching how your video performs against other skateboarders, you can also win prizes or actual cash!

Why is it online with videos?

We came up with the idea after we spoke to lots of skateboarders who were fed up with travelling up and down the country (at their own expense) entering skate comps. This way, anyone can enter from anywhere in the UK.

How long do I have to film my run?

Each round is open for 4 weeks when you will have the opportunity to submit your video. You can actually film it any time you like, but you can only submit it when the rounds are open.
See this year’s rounds and dates are here

How does the scoring and ranking work?

Each round you enter, your video will be judged by our official judges. Your score for each run will be the average of those scores. Your series ranking is calculated by adding up your best 4 results from 5 rounds, so if you miss one round don’t sweat it, it won’t count anyway.

Should I enter the Elite division?

Skate Series is open to all, but if you receive any form of income from skateboarding or you are sponsored in any way, including receiving free product from brands, you must enter the Elite division (we will be checking!). You’ll be competing for cash prizes in each round and for overall series winners. You can enter independently or your team manager/sponsor can enter for you.

Go here for more details and entry requirements